Relaunching Mixmatic - improving UX, integrating user requests and growing the platform


On the 8th of Jan, 2016 we relaunched Mixmatic on ProductHunt here:

Two weeks before that I saw a newsletter from ProductHunt about the best music discovery apps on the site - it was a collated list. So I tweeted ProductHunt about how to get listed there and was invited to post Mixmatic.

Now before we did, we made a few UX changes and checked everything over throughly before launching. We improved:

  • The loading between mixes, making it smooth and indicating loading state

  • Removing the single mix path and linking directly to mixes within their respective genres

  • Adding functionality for users to 'promote their mixes'
  • These UX changes were important and lead to the product feeling more polished. We've iterated few numerous UX decisions on Mixmatic - and whilst the platform hasn't changed over the time it's been live, we've noticed subtle changes to UX have brought about big increases to the amount of users we receive.


    We think think that the re-launch on ProductHunt went well, some of the comments are included below:


    "So far... the algo is pulling good mixes. No DJ announcements/Intros. Cheating in some listening time while at I've not delved too deeply yet. I do notice that the genre picker invokes my keyboard ... which then get's in my way. But I'm a fan of SoundCloud and anything that can help cut through the static on that platform has my attention."


    "Big fan of sites to help music discovery because it takes too much time investment on my part otherwise haha. I do need to see some old school hip-hop mixes there though. Then I will LOVE it."

    From the last comment (and others) users wanted more genres, so we made it happen. This went down well; we generated more traffic and appealed to a larger audience:

    Genre tweet

    What was the other collateral? We managed to hit the frontpage on ProductHunt (albeit breify! :) ) As well as being featured on various other news aggregators, blogs and with a load of social to go along with it too.

    ProductHunt frontpage: ProductHunt frontpage:

    ProductHunt Twitter ProductHunt Twitter

    I Love Free Software review I Love Free Software review

    Use Use

    ProductHunt Discover Weekly ProductHunt Discover Weekly


    Traffic increased 10 fold, average session time was over 20 minutes and bounce rate below 20%. We had lots of requests for mix features and have seen a big increase in the amount of returning visitors.

    What's next

    We are actively working on an iOS app, Android app and the 2.0 platform for Mixmatic - which will place an emphasis on social discovery.

    Check out the latest Mixmatic here.

    Thanks for reading, please tweet me @philhudson91 if you have any questions!

    Phil Hudson

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