Welcome to my latest app: Progressr.

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Progressr allows you to visually track progress toward a goal by combining data with images.

Progressr can create comparison images, chart your progress over time and keeps your images inside the app, away from the camera roll,with an option to lock access with your TouchID.

Simultaneously create and track multiple goals, such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Car restoration
  • Growth of a child
  • Growth of a pet

You can then add a log to each thing you are tracking; a log consists of at least one image, and a value to track it with. E.g. 10/10/2016 - My weight was 68.5kg and these are pictures of me at 68.5kg. You can view these images individually, with the value and date displayed, or select to combine them into a comparison image: showing two images from different points in time, to compare progress over a given time range.

Simply log and track the things you want. Add your image and a value. View images individually, or combine to form comparison images allowing you to easily visualise your progress.


  • Touch ID security
  • In-app image storage, not on the camera roll
  • Easily create and view progress charts
  • Easily track measurements such as weight, height and length over time
  • Create a side-by-side comparison image and export it to your camera roll
  • Track multiple goals at once, e.g. weight lost and cat growth
  • Add multiple images to a single log, e.g. photos of your waist and your arms
  • Compatible with many common unit types: metric, imperial, etc.
  • View an image directly and export it to your camera roll

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Phil Hudson

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