Outdoor Holiday Deals

The idea for Outdoor Holiday Deals was born from seeing Holiday Pirates.

The aim was to create a site, using a basic tech stack that could create value in the way that Holiday Pirates did, but for outdoor holidays.

I created the bespoke Wordpress site on a small single server, along with artwork and socials in three days total. I wanted to keep the tech stack deliberately simple and cheap as I wasn't sure if it was a project that I wanted to pursue in the long run, thus I wanted to minimise investment in the short-term.

The site itself worked well, and was optimised for social interactions, email subscriptions and affiliate click-throughs, with well places CTAs on the deals pages.

However, as I am always a one man band, creating the deals was labour intensive, and simply I did not have enough time. I optimised and refined the process, but still the average time to create a deal was between 30 - 45 minutes, depending on my creativity and the amount of knowledge required to create a well round, value generating deal.

In summary, this site works well as a shell site, technically it's good, but unfortuantely I do not have the time or resources to actively pursue running it, and thus I am open to offers about selling it, should anyone be interested.

Check out the site here!

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