Nomad Apartment Finder

Where will I stay?

Is a common question/worry for a lot of nomads, ex-pats and long-term travellers. The concern of the question diminishes usually over time and with accumulated experience, but still, gauging options for living in a new and unfamiliar territory often loom.

To help solve this issue, I've created Nomad Apartment Finder.

Nomad Apartment Finder is a simple step toward providing nomads and prospective nomads data about housing options in specific cities - predominantly cities that nomads tend to head to.

The app is live on:

How do I gather the data?

I speak to nomads, I research myself and I trawl through existing, publicly available data - and essentially aggregate it into Nomad Apartment Finder.

To further improve Nomad Apartment Finder, we ideally need more data, more apartments and more nomads on board - I've created a form whereby you can submit and apartment to us and we'll add it - check the form out here!

What is the end goal for this project?

To create a directory/knowledge base of housing options that provides value to the community. The key is generating value. So if there's something or someway that I could generate more value, please feel free to contact me or let me know.

Some release-day screenshots of the app?

Here you go.

This is the general flow, from the home page, to the city page, to the apartment details page.



City search page:

City search page

Apartment details page:

Apartment details page

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