My digital nomad tech essentials

Hey, this is a quick post about some of the tech gear that I recommend for remote work. Key things for working remote include working devices, battery power and internet.

I'll keep adding bits here as I go. :)

I've highlighted some of the bits I use below:

Anker protective iPhone 6 case:

For whatever phone you have, it's worth investing in a good protective case. The Anker case is a solid choice providing good value for money.

Anker Astro E1 5200mah portable charger

Likewise, having a working phone also requires battery. I have both the 5200mah as a portable charger, and a 10000mah as a powerbank - both Anker. Anker's hardware intelligently charges your device at the correct rate (says their marketing) but I'm inclined to believe it.

Samsung M3 portable USB 3.0 external drive

Backups are essential, I use multiple USB 3.0 hard drives and try to spread and replicate data between them.

Berghaus Terrabyte rucksack

When carrying a 15" Macbook Pro, it can be tempting to just chuck it in a bag and be done with it. This bag has a dedicated laptop storage department that is padded to avoid drops and bangs damaging your laptop. It is 30L and has lots of storage.

Phil Hudson

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