AirsoftSwaps is my attempt at creating an open, global and dedicated marketplace for swapping and privately selling airsoft goods.

Buy why?

The route to market for selling second hand airsoft goods is pretty fragmented; typically users will attempt to use multiple channels to sell their goods:

  • Multiple dedicated Facebook groups
  • Forums
  • Swapmeets/offline events

This approach causes a few problems, particularly regarding transparency - do you know about all of the items that are available in a particular area, what price should I be paying and what inconsistencies arise from posting the same ad on multiple channels - how stale is the data?

I wanted AirsoftSwaps to be globally oriented.

The key features were:

  • Global geo-location and text indexed search
  • Allowing users to find all products around them that satisfied the constraints of a text search - or to simply just find all of the products around them. The text search was not mandatory.

  • One, fast, efficient channel to market
  • The post upload process was designed to be quick, balancing data gathering for enhanced data-focused searches with minimal user input time.

  • Browsable
  • Sometimes users don't know what they are looking for, they simply want to research and understand what's available in the market for what price. For this reason, I built in a geo-agnostic browse function.

    Here are some screenshots of the app.

    Home page:


    Geo-search results:

    Geo search results

    Single post:

    Single post

    Browse posts:

    Browse posts

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