Hey there. I'm Phil.

I am a passionate developer, self taught, self motivated and driven to build awesome things. I love learning new stuff; if I'm not learning, I'm not living.

I have a lot of specific experience within the digital advertising 'ad-tech' eco-system - building upon and supporting integrations across the industries spectrums; from DSPs, SSPs, Ad-servers to DMPs - I've been there.

I work full stack. Building front-end applications using Angular and backend using Spring Java. I like to write, clean, easy to read and easy to re-use code. Infrastructure wise, AWS is for me.

Recently I launched http://mixmatic.io (still in beta, but almost there!). Of which I built the front and backend. Mixmatic is an app that allows you (using SoundCloud API) to find new DJ mixes for different genres. I often use it whilst at work or hacking code, as I've listened to my iTunes library over and over and find myself needing something new.

I'm always up for new project ideas, freelance work or even just a chat. Feel free to ping me on Linkedin.